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Dexter Cattle In The News

I haven’t had time to write much lately but I’ve got some things in the works. Right now I just want to share a video on mini Dexter Cattle done by the Wall Street Journal. Dexters are small, but it’s important to understand that they aren’t a miniature of any breed, they are an old Irish breed that has always been small.

Many of the reasons that we chose to start with Dexters are discussed in the video and the article that goes along with it.

They’re half as big as full-size cows, and have even littler appetites: They eat only a third as much. “It’s definitely economics,” says Ms. Coad, gesturing across her barnyard to Snickers …Article In WSJ

Dexters are small, hardy, easier to work with than alot of cattle, they eat less pasture/hay, and they produce great meat and milk. We’re relying alot on second hand knowledge and what we’ve read about Dexters but so far it’s panned out. We milked one of our cows a few times and she sure had alot of cream and alot of milk! Also, they’ve been very easy to handle so far, training easily to electric temporary fence. They also have been very good foragers, eating alot of “weeds” that many cattle would turn up their noses at. It’s great to move them into a new paddock in the evening and see them attack the tall weeds like they’re candy before moving on to the alfalfa and grasses.

I hope you enjoy the video, I love hearing kids talk with a southern accent!

Dexter Video in WSJ

Dexter Pictures  in WSJ

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