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Free Hog Feed Update

Since the original post on hog feed we have still not spent a dime on feed. Our last purchased feed was in June. The hogs are getting an occasional bucket of corn that we get free and the rest of their diet is forage, nuts, and fruit. I got a little tired of picking up persimmons and pecans everyday so I used some electric netting to fence in the two persimmon trees and one pecan tree. This portable fence has been a life saver but it sure isn’t a yard saver. The 3 hogs immediately turned over all of the sod in their new paddock.

I’ve also been picking up Black Walnuts at one neighbors house and apples at anothers. I would guess that we’ve gotten about 60 gallons of walnuts and we’re now feeding about 60 to 70 gallons worth of apples. The hogs sure don’t like the hulls of the walnuts, especially when they are green, but as they dry they start chomping on the nuts inside. A few gallons of acorns have been picked up by my sister and her kids and this is now probably the hogs favorite treat.

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