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Pork For Sale – Finally

After months of collecting fruit and nuts, setting up fencing, and letting the pigs teach us what they like and don’t like to eat, we’re finally eating what we like, PORK. Our two 3/4 Red Wattle borrows were finally taken to the butcher a few weeks ago and the last meat, the ham steaks, are back and it’s all ready to sell. We were anxious to taste our natural, hormone and antibiotic-free, free range, pecan/apple/persimmon/walnut/acorn/corn and forage finished heritage Red Wattle pork and are delighted to say that it’s all excellent! I’ve feasted on pork burgers, pork chops, bacon, pork steaks, pork chili, and of course ham and loved every bit of it. Now I can’t wait to share it with you, the customers.

We decided to keep a whole hog and we’ve already sold some so there is a limited supply left for those of you who read this. We’re selling by the pound, $3.75/lb for 20-22lb packs and $3.50lb for  a half that is around 70 lbs. If you check around, this a great price for what you’re getting. The variety packs are as close as possible to an even share of all of the cuts… so it will be approximately 3 pounds of pork sausage, 3 pounds of ground pork, 3 pounds of pork steak, 5 pounds of pork chops, 2 pounds of bacon, 1.5 pounds of spare ribs, 3 pounds of ham steaks (either fresh or cured), a pound of hocks, and some neck bones (which are optional and only $1/lb). That’s actually closer to 21 or 22 pounds, but that is more or less the breakdown and most of it is vacuum packed for a long life in the freezer.

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