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We are dedicated to providing healthy, clean, and transparent local food - all with great love for God's creation.

Free Hog Feed – Fall 2009

On Thanksgiving morning I went out and spent a little time at the farm. The Red Wattle cross piglets are on a grass/weed/dirt lot that has one pecan tree in it and they are eating grain, pumpkins, and gourds but they love to be let out into the grass yard where there is more pecans and some persimmons. So, I let the 10 hogs out and took a little video because I had the camera handy.

I’ve written before about how much I love to move the cows each day to new pasture. It’s because it seems to make them so happy and it just seems like you’re helping them do what they were created to do, graze. We’ll, allowing the hogs to forage for their own food is much like moving the cows to a new paddock. The hogs are visibly excited when they are allowed to root around and find nuts, clover, etc. When I drove up to the farm they were piled on each other and sleeping but they jumped at the chance to do this…

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