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We are dedicated to providing healthy, clean, and transparent local food - all with great love for God's creation.

This weeks pictures

I thought I’d post a few pictures from this weekend. The hogs are getting close to becoming pork, as you can see. The grass has slowed but there’s some good stuff out there. And the pony training is going well.

Free Hog Feed Update

Since the original post on hog feed we have still not spent a dime on feed. Our last purchased feed was in June. The hogs are getting an occasional bucket of corn that we get free and the rest of their diet is forage, nuts, and fruit. I got a little tired of picking up […]

Free Hog Feed Coming Into Season!

There hasn’t been a lot of new things happening at the farm lately other than spreading a little more grass and clover seed on the pasture and continuing to move and feed all the animals. Feed is usually a major expense on any farm that raises meat or eggs so any free food can go […]