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Please see our pricing and availability page for more information on how to bring some of our food home. Contact us on our contact page with additional questions.

About Our Farm

We are dedicated to providing healthy, clean, and transparent local food - all with great love for God's creation.

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Pricing and availability updated Jan 2018

100% Grass-Fed “Salad Bar” Beef -Available now!

  • Variety Packs – mix of steaks (~12-18%) roasts (25-30%) and ground beef (~50%)
    • $6.50/lb
    • Choose any amount – Minimum order of 25 lbs required
    • Typical cuts include rib steaks, sirloin steaks, T-bone steaks, chuck roasts, arm roasts, round/rump roasts, ground beef, and soup bones
  • Ground Beef Pack
    • $5.75/lb (Packaged in 1 pound packs)
    • Choose any amount – Minimum order of 25 lbs required

Read more about our 100% Grass-Fed “Salad Bar” Beef

Respondez-vous s’il vous plait

We generally sell out within a short time after each trip to the butcher, so we highly recommend that you reserve the amount that you need ahead of time to minimize disappointment.

Processing and Packaging

We sell variety packs that ensure that everyone is able to get a share of all different kinds of cuts – a real dream for the chefs in the crowd.  So in a beef variety pack, you’ll end up with a mix of ground beef, roasts, and steaks that are proportional to the cuts that come from the animal.  All cuts are processed with a local butcher, and will be vacuum sealed for maximum freshness and a safe freezer life of twelve months.  We typically order thicker cuts than you’d see in the grocery store and package them in relatively small packages (typically enough for two adults – for example, 2 steaks per package).  That makes it easy to thaw out exactly enough for your meal.


If you are unable to pick up your meat from the farm in Chaffee, MO, please contact us to work out a shipping arrangement prior to placing an order. We do not ship via UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc. as we are trying to serve the local market.

Pricing Philosophy

All of our prices are straightforward prices that reflect what you pay for meat in your freezer.  Many farmers sell by live animal weight, “hanging” weight, or by the side/quarter, which makes it hard to determine what you actually get and what you actually pay.  We’ve made it easy to buy just the amount that you need for your family at a very transparent price.

While these prices may be higher than you might see if you shopped sale prices on commodity products at the supermarket, we believe they are very fair when stacked up against comparable alternatives and they are reflective of our costs as local, quality, and health-focused producers.

Contact Us

Got more questions?  Want to place an order?  Please contact us on our Facebook page or on our contact page.