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Please see our pricing and availability page for more information on how to bring some of our food home. Contact us on our contact page with additional questions.

About Our Farm

We are dedicated to providing healthy, clean, and transparent local food - all with great love for God's creation.

Raw Milk, Oh Baby!

First, Ivy is 100% grass fed. Her milk has benefits similar to meat that is grass fed. The milk fat is healthy. Ivy is not fed “preventative” or sub therapeutic antibiotics.

The Cost of Corn-Fed Cattle

   This video has been shared on a number of other farm blogs in the last few days but for those of you that don’t frequent these other blogs I wanted to make sure you saw it. The video was done by the Wall Street Journal. (They’ve done a few nice ones lately) It’s a […]

Dexter Cattle In The News

I haven’t had time to write much lately but I’ve got some things in the works. Right now I just want to share a video on mini Dexter Cattle done by the Wall Street Journal. Dexters are small, but it’s important to understand that they aren’t a miniature of any breed, they are an old […]